Top 5 lifehacks this week from Reddit #2

 These are top 5 lifehacks this week that I synthesized from Reddit. Let's check them out. 

1.  Shopping groceries hack

Shopping groceries will be much more convinient using this cool item - a tote.  It saves you a lot of bags and it takes only one trip to bring a week worth of groceries from your car into your house. It's definitely a good investment. 

How to stop using plastic bags for shopping groceries?

2. Emty liquids from bottles

How to empty liquids from bottles more quickly? It's pretty simple, you just need to swirl it

3. Touching screen stops working

Touch screen has completely stopped working, How can I use my phone? (This hack is for Android phone only). Skip the first 45 seconds to get to the main part of the guide. 


4. How to organize masks in your car? 

Use a pencil pouch.

How to organize masks?

5. Handled some hot peppers?

How to stop burns if you accidentally handled some hot peppers? Let use some oil, coconut oil or olive oil for example. 

How to stop burns when you handled hot peppers?