Some suggestions for long-term and low-cost hobby

Many people believe that it's costly to start a hobby, they think that they need to spend a lot of money to buy equipment. But it's not true, actually many hobbies doesn't require much money to follow. Below are some long-term and low-cost hobbies that you can try to start.

Exercise saves money on medical bills. Hiking is fun. Most physical activities can be done cheaply if not for free. Martial arts only cost money if you want to be competitive; otherwise, it can be done cheaply or for free.

Martial arts can be done cheaply

Any creative activity can generate revenue. You aren't looking to start a furniture company, but if your woodworking pays for itself and improves your home value that's a huge win. You are free to write about anything you want. Digital music production can be done for free, and can scale to be as expensive and awesome as you'd like to make it.

How about woodworking?

Art consumption can almost always be done for free. Libraries hold much of it, there are plenty of free exhibits in the world, with free concerts and conventions all the time. Film, music, and video games all fall into this category.

Software development. I know that sounds like work, but the reality is that it's free, it does have a certain "strike it big" potential to it, and it can make you happy building what you want.

Vintage restoration. If you watch the money carefully, it can be done to the point of making profit. Cars, electronics, furniture - anything you want to restore that people might buy.

Volunteer work

Volunteer work. People love you for it, surround yourself with good people, and your wealth is meaningless as far as status goes. Plus, you can learn some crazy skills if you are willing to show up and be unskilled labor.

Chess is cheap. 

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