Life tips #4 How to be healthy and happy?

If you want to be healthy and happy, you need to spend time on taking care of your body and your mind. and, luckily, it takes only 1 hours every day to do that. Wake up an hour earlier in the morning and spend 30 minutes on your body and 30 minutes on your mind. Every day you will feel like you've accomplished something, even if you have a bad day.

This is a tip share by @glarehead - an user on Reddit. 

I choses to do yoga for 30 minutes, and study German for 30 minutes using an online course.


Whatever you choose for your body, don't exhaust yourself with it. Do something that leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed so that you are eager to do it again the next morning.

For the body

I took a few yoga classes and watched a few videos to figure out poses that would improve my flexibility and strengthen my back and core. When I started, doing a simple standing bend I could barely get my hands past my knees, and now I can almost get my palms flat to the floor. I learned to focus on my breathing, and stretch into the pose and not strain. When I started, I could hold a plank for barely fifteen seconds, now I can easily plank for three minutes.

For the mind

For your mind, it can be anything. Reading, doing puzzles, taking an online course in something that interests you. I started learning German because I had always been interested in the language but never spent much time on it. My job as a design manager requires me to think visually much of the time, and studying a language every morning makes my brain work differently.

Four years later, I've finished the German course (but keep reviewing it), I'm learning Spanish, and reviewing the French I took in high school and college.