How can I motivate myself to brush my teeth?

How can I motivate myself to brush my teeth?

If you are wondering why you should make a routine of brushing teeth, then this post is for you. 

First, recognize that there are almost zero immediate consequences for skipping brushing your teeth. Super easy to flake off on it. Those consequences come around eventually, though, and they are usually expensive and the stuff in your mouth will never be the same. So get these positive changes in place early in life.

Second, don't go crazy and have radical changes. It's too easy to get tired of doing something before it has truly become a routine, and then you slide back to your old routine. Baby steps.

The enemy of oral health is the white, pasty plaque that hangs out wherever it can. That is your target, NOT the crusty, caked-on stuff. That's for later. Plaque bushes away easily, but you have to touch every speck of it to remove it all.

The enemy of oral health is the white, pasty plaque that hangs out wherever it can

Start by having a goal of brushing twice a day, in your morning routine and your evening routine. In the morning you probably do stuff like fix your hair and put on pit stick. Well, as you are about to get ready for your day, set all the stuff you need out on the counter and put it away as you use it. Your toothbrush and toothpaste needs to be a part of this group. Same deal at night, but I'm sure it's less stuff. Brush twice a day and you will be miles ahead of those who don't.

Flossing is cool, too. Get at least two or three packs of floss. Go for Glide or Satin Floss, don't mess around with old-style waxed. Put some in the bathroom, but also have a stash in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. Floss anytime you want. No wrong time to do it. Sitting watching TV? Floss away. Don't strive to floss every day. If you can get to it once or twice a week for a month, great. Then make that twice a week turn into three times a week. Then more.

Remember to floss your teeth sometimes

Use a soft bristled manual brush or any electric brush. Use a toothpaste you like the flavor of. Stay away from whitening or gimmicky toothpastes if possible.

Use a non-alcohol mouthwash from time to time.

And don't get discouraged if you keep getting cavities found. Those things take forever to grow, and there is no way to stop them on your own at home. You are trying to stop cavities that might be found two or three years from now by improving your routine.

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