A small tip to increase the chance of survival for house plant when you first bring them home.

You might have heard a lot of survival tips for houseplants related to water, humidity, light, furtilizers and so on. There are tons of guides out there explained about what does a houseplant need to survive, but that's not what this post is going to tell you.  
What does a houseplant need to survive

The tip is simple: whenever you bring home a new plant, all you need to do is just putting it somewhere fairly bright and leave it there for about a week without touching it. 
When you move a plant from place to place, let's say from your living room to your kitchen, this is considered as a huge shock to the plant, and therefore, it needs time to recover. Repotting right after you bring plants home might also bring the same shock, this could make plants turn yellow, drop leaves or even die. 

In addition, don't water your plant instantly after you bring it home, as it's been overwatered at the garden center, putting in more water might push them over the edge. Let the soil really dry out and you will minimize unwanted risks. And last but not least, do not fertilizer your plants right after they get home, it's just like taking multivitamin because you have a cold and is a waste of fertilizer. 
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