10 Surprising unknown survival facts that could save your life

There are many hidden dangers around us that we sometimes don't realize or haven't encountered. Therefore, we often do not know what to do when we are in such dangerous situations. So I recommend you reading through the following tips. Maybe one day they will save your life if you unfortunately fall into unexpected dangerous situations.

1. Know your exits -  _TheBurninator_

Here's one you can use every day, know your exits! People will naturally want to go out the way they came in because it's the only exit they remember, especially at places like concert venues.
You don't have to be paranoid, just take a quick glance and make a mental note. In the off chance an emergency happens it could mean the difference between a swift and safe exit or being trampled in a panicking mass of people.

2. Most subway platforms have a crawl area underneath - IndianInferno

Most subway platforms have a space for a person to crawl under in case they fall on the subways tracks. So if you fall off the edge of the platform and onto the tracks. Instead of trying to climb back up, if you see a train coming there's a crawl area underneath. It might be tight, and you'll certainly get dirty, but better than dying

3. Do not call your loved one if you hear of a mass shooting currently taking place in their location - Karnakite

If you hear of a mass shooting currently taking place in a location where a loved one is (like their workplace/school/church/the mall they said they were visiting/etc.), you may feel very, very tempted to call them. DON’T. If they’re alive, they’re hiding and trying to stay invisible. If their phone rings or even vibrates, it will draw attention to them, quite possibly that of the shooter(s), and give away their hiding space. Don’t try to contact them at all until you are certain that the perpetrator(s) have been stopped.

4. Using mirror for signalling - forrest134

A mirror is the best way to signal for help. You can use the reflection of the sun directed at a boat or plane like you sibling would to annoy you

5. Doing backstroke if you feel like you could drown - Original_Benefit

If you somehow are in a situation where you feel like you could drown and have no energy to go on turn on your back and do the backstroke!! Saved my life while at the beach last week after getting sucked out by rip current.

6. If you suspect someone is following you - EMPlRES

If you’re walking and suspect someone is following you, pretend like you’re calling someone on the phone asking them their whereabouts, then face a direction your follower can’t see (Like the corner of a building ) and raise your hand and start waving it saying “Yes I see you, I’m over here”.
Your follower will think you’re meeting someone who’s around the corner and will go the other way.

7. If you get stuck in your car in snow - patrickverbatum

if you get stuck in your car in the snow, STAY WITH YOUR VEHICLE!!! Hypothermia makes you delirious and you can wander the wrong direction and freeze to death. Your vehicle is also a LOT easier to locate than YOU are.

8. Pack a whistle - Bubbafett33

There’s no chance your voice will hold out yelling at the top of your lungs, and whistles carry long distances. Especially handy if you’ve injured yourself, and need to rely on others finding you.
SOS in Morse code is ... - - - ...
So three short blasts, three longer ones, three short, pause....and repeat.
This is an especially handy and harmless device to give kids that are along for a hike (along with, “if you get separated, stop walking and blow the whistle lots, and we’ll come to you”).

9. Always be wary of children that have “lost their parents” - Game_Frain

Always be wary of children that have “lost their parents” as it’s a common ruse for abduction, especially if the child tries to lead you somewhere. what you should do in those situations is keep the child with you and contact emergency services. It may be in your instincts to follow a lost child to where they claim they last saw their parents but it isn’t worth the risk. Let the authorities take care of it, if the child is lost, you’ll have helped them, if they aren’t, you’ve dodged a bullet. Always play it safe in situations like that.

10. Use the top of most cars seats to break your car's windows - lechecondensada

You can remove the top of MOST cars seats to break the windows of your car in case you can't open the doors. Specially useful if you drive into a lake or something like that. Edit: not all cars can get this done.