10 non-obvious signs of a smart person?

There are many obvious signs of a smart person like curiosity, creativity, having sense of humour, having high self-control ability and so on. These signs can easily be seen, but how about non-obvious signs? Let's checkout the list below and see if you also have these signs.

  1. Nuance in their understanding of things ~ Hynjia
  2. They tend to be more open to criticism or being shown facts that change their opinions on things. I don’t know if that really falls under “smart” or more of a “wise” trait ~ kazu-sama
  3. They're full of doubt: "The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence." ~Charles Bukowski
  4. Larger dendrites in the frontal and temporal lobes ~ realultimateuser
  5. The ability to see both sides of the coin rather than just one side ~ Peroxyacyl_nitrate
  6. Being able to acknowledge when they're wrong ~ HandLion
  7. They won’t argue with stupid people. Even if they know they’re right they won’t do it ~ NANA
  8. They realize not everyone is smart the same way ~ RidiculouslyPicky
  9. They're happy to be wrong about something, and then will take the time to learn about the subject ~ zerbey
  10. Emotional intelligence. Most people picture a smart person being like the typical movies nerd that is really smart at everything except social interactions or flirting but that's not the case. Really smart people can also pick up on social cues faster and better than regular people. Take Richard Feynman for example, he was really smart but was also very sociable ~ etapes