10 free things from the internet everyone should take advantage of

These are 10 free and app and website that everyone should take advantage of

1. Libby 

Libby is an app you can use to borrow audiobooks and ebooks for free as long as you have a library card (also free). Libby can be found on both AppStore and Google Play Store. (yaz_bullethead)

2. Project Gutenberg 

Project Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org/, a library with over 60,000 free ebooks. (BlueVendingMachine

3. Khan academy.

It's free, free knowledge! Voyager081291

4. The noun project

The Noun Project has a wide selection of icons. I use them for presentations! (bob_rob_III)

5. EdX

eDX's completely free online courses (usually 2-6 weeks per course) taught by professors from top notch universities from all over the world (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford). It's just like taking classes from a university (with assignments, lectures to watch, etc.) and the courses are varied and interesting. (oh2Shea)

6. My 90s TV 

My 90s TV. This is more of a novelty website to kill some time, but I think it's pretty cool and you can easily lose yourself for hours with nostalgia. It basically uses YouTube videos to simulate watching TV in 90s and you can specify what year you want and what categories you want to see when you change channels. There is also a My 80s TV and a My 70s TV and the dev has said they are considering building one for the 2000s. and the dev has said they are considering building one for the 2000s. -(eDgAR-)

7. Wolfram Alpha. 

WolframAlpha has a lot of cool tools for math, science and even things like nutrition. (2020redditor)

8. For parents, commonsensemedia.org

Lays out new movies and apps and other pop culture items and discussed them and the age appropriateness in case the parent is unaware of what something is.
There’s also “classes” about how teens and kids can learn to responsibly use the internet. Seems dumb but I try to plug it any chance I get. Learn more here (whatevermichelle)

9. The Freecycle Network 

A free to sign-up/nonprofit website that helps people give away free stuff that they don't need to people who need it in their local town/neighborhood. Their goal is to promote re-use of goods that would otherwise go into landfills. (2020Chapter)

10. Archive

I always love the opportunity to be able to talk about http://archive.org because it is such a wonderful and free resource.
It has millions of free downloads for music, movies, books, software, etc. One very popular example is that it is home to a very large catalog of Grateful Dead recordings
There is also The Internet Arcade where you can play a lot of classic games along with the Console Living Room which is similar. They have access to tons of old PC games too and you can even play the original Oregon Trail online. There's a lot more in their software section too.
It also has The WayBack Machine which has archived more than 451 billion web pages saved so you can go back and see how websites were years ago. (-eDgAR-)
Do you know any other app or website? Share with me in the comment section below.