The small habits which take only 5 minutes or less but can change your life

You might have heard about the power of habits or stuffs like that somewhere when you were surfing Facebook or listening to radio, podcast,... Yeah, that's absolutely true, there are some books talking about this. Keeping doing small things every day could change your life, and listed below are the tasks which take only 5 minutes or less to do but could bring a significant improvements to your life. 

30 squats per day

OK, this will sound useless if you are young, but could easily change your life as you age. My mom used to empty a box of 30 paperclips on the floor as she waited for her coffee to brew and then she would do 30 bodyweight squats to pick them up. Turns out one of the main reasons people have to go to rest homes is they cant properly use the toilet because of leg strength (also balance comes into play). At 89 she could easily do 30 squats and lived in a walk up second floor apartment. She would carry her laundry and groceries upstairs no worries
30 squats per day could change your life as you age. DieOnYourFeat

Brushing your teeth

Remember to brush your teeth

Brush your teeth. That's important for your health and also it is a kind of an investment, because you won't need (for) any teeth treating as you get older.


Stretch your body

Stretches! It feels great and improves your range of motion, which your body will appreciate when you get older.

Clean your cellphone

Clean your cellphone

Clean your cellphone screen! It's more dirty than you think

Drinking water

Drink a glass of water right after getting up

Drink a glass of water right after getting up. It rehydrates your body from going without for hours while you're sleeping

For people with low self esteem.

Think positive about yourself. violet_beard

Take 30 seconds, 3 times a day, to unapologetically and wholeheartedly allow yourself to think something positive about yourself. As simple as ‘I finished my book today and I’m proud of that’ or ‘I did a good deed’ or ‘I did well at work today’. In my experience it greatly helps in breaking negative self-talking habits

Appreciating your pets

Appreciate your pet. Sadmep314

Just take a couple of minutes to appreciate your pets. Give your dog a bear hug. Kiss your cat's forehead. Heck, even just give your lizard an extra couple of crickets! Pets need to be appreciated more, and when you realize how amazing these little balls of love are, you'll see an impact in your mental health, too. My pupper got me through some rough times this year, and sometimes nonverbal support can be the best.
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