How to keep yourself motivated to get things done?

No matter how you love your job, sometimes you will feel tired and don't want to move forward to get things done. It not only happens to you but to all of us. Yah, you're not alone, other people are also dealing with the same problem. We're all human, that's pretty normal. The thing is how to find motivations to keep yourself motivated and overcome challenges that you might encounter on your journey. Below are the recommendations which might help. Let's have a look!

Thinking about future will help

Think about the future - Smooth_Talkin_Chron 

I am always trying to hook future me up so life can be a bit easier rather than a constant slog. If I get stuff done now then I can relax a bit more in the future and that really makes me motivated to keep pushing.

Breaking down the massive task into bite sizes

Breaking down the massive task into bite size - newlygay2014

Breaking down the massive task into bite sizes helps. Wanna climb that mountain? Just take it one step at a time, focus on the next ridge, acknowledge and reward your progress with breaks/snacks, focus on the journey rather than the destination. When you've reached your summit, think/talk about the tremendous accomplishment and try not to think about the next mountain. While in the context of hiking, the principles apply to almost every task, no matter how big or small.

Don't wait for motivation

Don't wait for motivations - I_was_serious

I don't wait for motivation anymore. I just do what I need to do. Half the time the "I don't feel like doing this" feeling goes away within minutes.

Turn everything into routine

Turn everything into routine - bjjmonkey

Coffee. Turn everything into a precise routine and make it more efficient than the day before (e.g. combining an audiobook with commuting to work before/after rushhour and using the extra time for a workout; making dinner with the cleanup in mind). Sleep schedule with sleep hygiene. And stop talking to lazy people, they will brainwash you into watching too much TV or being on the internet too much

Again, don't wait for motivation. Discipline is the true path

Discipline is the path - Enkaybee

Motivation is a false god. You will never want to do things that are hard or unpleasant. Discipline is the true path. You must force yourself to do those things even though you don't want to.