Man recreated 11 different movies using paper cutouts and reused items

Creating forced perspective illusions with architecture and paper cut-outs is what Rich Mcor (@paperboyo) loves to do when he's travelling around the world. When the lockdown happened, that all stopped and he had to find a new way to create his photos, so he looked around his home for objects he could use. He gave himself the theme of movies to develop ideas around. Here are some of the images he created.

#1 Neo Stopping A Bag Of Skittles

#2 Pirates Of The Cable-Bbean

#3 James Bond Helping With The Cleaning

#4 Indiana Jones And The Last Percent

#5 Tony Montana Loves Baking

#6 Frodo And The Polo

#7 Sweet Tooth Does Baby Yoda Have

#8 Iron Man Avoiding The Washing-Up

#9 The Shawshank Redemption In The Bathroom

#10 Velociraptors Interrupting Cheese & Wine Evening

#11 The Usual Suspects In The Kitchen