3 things Australians do that confuse the world

Number 3 - Chicken salt

Chicken salt on chips - Photo by Marco Fischer

We put chicken salt on chips, now if I buy some chips or fries and there's no chicken salt on them I will lose my mind. I'm telling you it's an absolute game changer, people, give it a crack and you'll thank me later

Number 2 - Bunnings' snags

Bunnings snags - Photo by manofmany

Bunnings is our local hardware store, and in the front of the store there are always somebody cooking up sausages on the Barbie. It is the perfect snack, and there is not even one Australian who doesn't love  Bunnings snags.

Number 1 - "The Shoey"

The shoey - wikimedia

 The shoey is just an Australian tradition where you take off your shoe pour your drink in and chug away.