10 stories behind the scars of celebrities

While some celebrities proudly show their scars, some always try to avoid talking about them. Do you want to know the stories behind those scars? This article will show you 20 most famous scars in Hollywood. 

1. Harrison Ford

Image source: imgur

 Ford earned the scar when he lost control of his car putting on his seatbelt while driving. He lost control of the car and drove in to a telephone pole, slamming his face on the steering wheel.

2. J.r. Martinez

Image source: wikipedia

J.r. Martinez was just 19 when he deployed to Iraq in 2003. Less than a month later, a Humvee he was driving hit a landmine and he received burns on more than 40 percent of his body

3. Keanu Reeves

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Keanu's abdoninal scar was the result from a motocycle accident. Keanu rashed into the side of a mountain when he was driving without headlights at night. He then had to spent a week in hospital since his ribs were broken and his spleen was ruptured. 

4. Seal

Image source: Seal

Sean got his scars when he was a teenager. His very characteristic types of scars on his face were caused by discoid lupus erythematosus - a skin disease. 

5. Tina Fey

When the 30 Rock actress was a small child, a random stranger walked up to the front yard of Fey's home and slashed the left side of her face, leaving a scar from just below her cheekbone to under her bottom lip. She doesn't like to publicly discuss the origin of the scar and covers it with makeup so that it is less noticeable

6. Sean Bean

Image source: Cheesemenolike

He was accidentally hit by Harrison Ford  by a boat hook when they were shooting a scene in the movie Patriot Games. That's the story behind his scar. 

7. Tommy Flanagan

Image source: Cheesemenolike

Tommy got the scar on one night when he left a pub in Glassgow, the city in Scotland where he grew up. After leaving the pub, a group of people tried to rob him. He fought back and was stabbed, those people then slashed his face from ear to ear. 

8. Ed Sheeran


There was a story telling by Ed and James Blunt about his scar, they said he got his face cut when when Princes Beatrice accidentally hit him with a ceremonial sword. But the true story seems different, Ed cut himself when he was drunk and fooling around. 

9. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Jason was struck accross his face by a broken pint glass during a fight with another man. The man then was sentenced five year in prison. 

10. Charlie Puth


Many people think that Charlie shaves his eyebrow, but the true story is he was bitten by a dog when he was two years old.